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What the Hey, Freedom came & Will Probably Go

What the Hey, Freedom came & Will Probably Go

So I think for the past nth years I've been striving towards this "freedom" which meant no longer being tied down to any physical location and I've finally achieved it.  After tying many systems together and having them communicate to each other - I've patched together my own freedom.

What my nonexistent life manual didn't prepare me for was - what's next?  What I started doing first is go on more rock climbing trips, whether they are day trips or camping trips - I could just go.  If I wanted to pursue a different project, I could just pursue it.  The concept of waiting for a weekend started dissolving away because I no longer have to wait.  It is liberating.

Don't get me wrong.  I also spent whole days watching netflix from dawn to dusk. (Godamnit Netflix).

Now I'm discovering that I should've been here after year 1.  So I can focus on the age old theory of working "on" your business instead of working "in" your business.  I am finally figuring out its importance.

Given wings to fly, I'm now truly "networking" and making connections no longer feel strained.  And it's a wonderful feeling.  I'm also figuring out that I'm only just beginning.  I am a resource for every person I meet and vice versa.  I started meeting people from all walks of life, both entrepreneur and non entrepreneur and I was giddy whenever someone asked if I was doing this for "business" or "pleasure", giving them the answer, "I'm just doing this because I want to."

There is a clear, long staircase ahead of me that I'm climbing.  Not a corporate ladder, but one I'm crafting with the help of various people I meet as I go about this adventure called Life.  There are plenty of people ahead I wish to catch up with, there are plenty walking along beside me, and then there are plenty on their own path behind me.  Lifestyles ranging from dirtbag to riches.  And every story is captivating.

Goals for the future:

  1. Get into private labeling items and selling on amazon FBA.
  2. Expand auto dismantling business into 2nd warehouse and form more partnerships.  Try to get to 50K/month within the next 6 months.
  3. Try to reach 30 subscribers for SFL.
  4. Visit China in October & rock climb there as well.
  5. Buy a house

Most importantly:

  1. Be happy

Below is just a list of stuff I did during these months where I haven't had the time nor motivation to post.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Okay, you can stop reading here.  Below is just random stuff mostly for myself to know. ---------

Things I've checked off:

  • Grew one of my businesses to over 30K/month.  I'm still growing and learning, but it is a turn-key operation I can duplicate and that is what excites me.2016-08-04_1419
  • 2016-09-24_2036
  • Re-launched my endeavors into a subscription based business
  • Dat FACE!

    Dat FACE!

  • Partnered up with the owner of a Jeep dealership to enter the new parts market
  • Started a mastermind group, we meet up Mondays - we are past 12 sessions.
  • Over 12 sessions!

    Over 12 sessions! Name is blacked out for privacy reasons.

  • Climbed over 1000 ft at Red Rock for a multipitch climb
  • First 1000 ft climb

    First 1000 ft climb

  • Continue devoting time to climb 2-3 times a week.  Climbed at riverside rock quarry, mammoth, holcomb, blackbluff, apple valley, red rock, tahquitz, malibu creek and echo cliffs.
  • Mammoth climbing

    Mammoth climbing

    Climbed with Elliot at Tahquitz!

    Climbed with Elliot at Tahquitz!



  • Went canoeing and deep water solo-ing down the Black Canyon River.
  • Black Canyon River

    Black Canyon River

  • 13516690_10105696737603996_7004707769540119551_n 13620982_10105736991993876_5839290292684088008_n 13668996_10105736962083816_7468245955816759275_n
  • Attended conferences in Vegas, Diamondbar, Irvine, Long Beach.
  • 14054268_10105901537857646_5884922166972725626_o
  • EbayOpen in Vegas

    EbayOpen in Vegas

    Got tatted up

    Got tatted up

  • Celebrated the summer at the beach in Santa Monica at a free concert.
  • Santa Monica free beach concert!

    Santa Monica free beach concert!

  • Attended a friend's wedding.
  • Anh Mai's awesome wedding

    Anh Mai's awesome wedding

  • Squeezed in clubbing in OC for a friend's birthday & in LA.
  • Created friendships with massive action friends while still keeping in touch with the home fries.
  • Learning SEO

    Learning SEO

    Learning about Amazon

    Learning about Amazon FBA

    Failed at being 100% consistent with the mastermind group

  • Failed at utilizing all my time to grind harder for the auto dismantling biz.
  • Failed to climb harder than 10b.
  • Failed at visiting my parents more often than I should.

I count my wins, but there are many things I failed at.  I am not afraid to fail, I'll keep on failing but I hope throughout the way - I'll keep on having my small wins.

How To Fax without A Fax Machine & Life Updates

How To Fax without A Fax Machine & Life Updates

I figured I should put a how to somewhere in here since all I do is random updates nowadays.  Also, I've made this How-To before but this was BEFORE my website got hacked and my past blog posts' images decided they would become annonymous all of a sudden.

  1. Now, I'm going to assume that you want to fax a document you have in your hand.  Seeing that you are searching on a way to fax without a fax machine, you might not even have a scanner or fax machine on hand.  But you DO have a phone, right?  So go here and download a nifty app called Genius Scan.  It will turn a picture into a PDF file pretty quickly and saves it on your phone.

    genius scan

    genius scan

  2. 2nd NOW, go to, attach your files, fill in the appropriate information, and click SEND. (You can do this using your phone as well or on your computer).

    fax zero

    fax zero

  3. THIRD NOW, go to your email address which you submitted and CONFIRM the fax.  Then check in a few minutes whether your fax went through or not.  If not.... cry.
  4. FOURTH NOW...You're WELLLLLLLLLCCCCOMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAX ON!  Who send faxes nowadays? YOU!

What have I been up to?

Weekend of 4/16-4/17 I climbed at fairview mountain for the first time in forever!  Saw a lizard that shocked Benjo in the middle of a climb.  Listened to Mike Sacco rap, sing, and later danced by the light of our campfire.  Ate afterwards at Chevos.  Delicious food. Found out I was banned from the High Desert Climbing group because of a certain individual.  But the whole thing made me contact an old friend and we are on good terms again.  I climbed at Horseman's center with Elliot and ate some good ole' Pho.  Also camped and climbed at New Jack City.  Witnessed both Julie and Mike can handle their alcohol... and dance like pros.  Found out more about Mike... the jack of many different trades that range from normal to extremely bizarre.   Twas' fun!

Horsemen's Center

Horsemen's Center



Around 4/23-4/24 I was supposed to go to Holcomb but due to the weather...plans were dismissed.  I ended up climbing at Hanger 18 rancho.  Got in more me time.  Bought two more cars.  A 2007 Infiniti G35 and a 2001 BMW 325i sedan.

Then... approximately 4/30-5/1 Another Sender Saturday!  Went with David, Oky and Steve Cox.  Had a great time climbing with Oky as he taught me more techniques.  He told me "it's all about the knee bend".  We were supposed to climb at New Jack until the weather steered us indoors.  On Sunday we went climbing at Riverside Rock Quarry but I could only get 3 climbs in before I died of exhaustion.  Met Frank, Erin and Greg.  I told Greg I would get him parts for his car....but I totally forgot his car's year/make/model.  Maybe it was a 2007 Mercedes E42?  Damn.



Caught a paraglider!

Caught a paraglider on camera.  See him in purple?

Peepz from San Diego. Erin, Frank and Greg (up top).

Peepz from San Diego. Erin, Frank and Greg (up top).

Around 5/7-5/8 I drove down the hill to celebrate my friend's birthday party in Garden Grove.  Brought some stuff to make kabobs with and it was delightful!  We spent a few hours making the kabobs.  Had a night party outside on the patio by the pool with candles.  On Saturday I went hiking at Joshua Tree with Stephen and got totally lost trying to do the Gunsight Loop trail.  Ended up hiking around 8 miles when we were supposed to only do 2.5.  Stephen managed to coax some girls to let us hitch hike with them back to his car.  Went to the Desert Hot Springs Spa afterwards and witnessed Stephen's ability to be a social butterfly in almost any situation with almost anyone.  Can you scuba dive? Yes. Can you ice climb? Yes. Can you sky dive? "I'm a certified sky diver." Can you ride a horse? "Who can't?" Going to Peru next month? Just came back from Spain? Then Mexico and then skiing off the side of a mountain? Then Zion? Then Vietnam in October?.... list goes on.  Then on Sunday I visited my family and celebrated a Mother's day dinner.  Gave my mom a gift - all is good.  Everyone had a nice family dinner.  Harold stays with my mom now because I'm always gone so she gets the attention she deserves on a daily basis.

Nice ambience

Nice ambience

Lynn the bday gurrrrrll

Lynn the bday gurrrrrll

Stephen and I relaxing after getting lost as shit.

Stephen and I relaxing after getting lost as shit.

Family dinner... yummm

Family dinner... yummm. Look at all them azns.

It is getting late so I'll just include very short business updates:

While still TRYING to live life to its fullest and saying yes to adventures, I'm also trying to get the software biz off the ground.  So I hired a full time virtual assistant to help me, I signed up for an online course, and I'm having him take it with me.  He also started working on the design of the product we have already launched but I am re-branding.  Below are screenshots of what's in the works for re-branding the product and also the online course I'm creating.

Just workin' at it

Just workin' at it

It has BEGUN!

It has BEGUN!

Course coming soon!

Course coming soon!

At the same time, I'm training employees and I got another virtual assistant for the auto dismantling biz.  It is nonstop training everyday and nonstop work.  I crawl home to bed sometimes at 11pm.  But then I read about Elon Musk and I'm like.. "WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!" I had a moment to relax when I went to Vietnam but it is back to the grind for at least a few more months before I can relax again.  HOWEVER, because of the hard work, we are hitting higher sales.  Another milestone is getting to 25K/month for eBay sales.  There's also cash sales, credit card sales through the stores, credit card sales through the phone, sales on amazon... but I'm going to end the update here.  My goal is to hit 30K/month and I am very close, but no cigar!  Also, it's sad to admit, but I don't know anything about stocks, so I threw $1000 out there to see what happens and I'm going to edumacate myself a bit more on what it's about.  I'll let you guys know in a later update.

25K/month goal!

Another milestone.  Hopefully I can keep this up.

Software Sales

Software Sales.  We got 1 more subscriber for May.  And all we have is one youtube video.  Hopefully with me working towards getting a bigger audience these upcoming months this number will increase.

In about 5 months I'll be turning 30.  My goals before hitting 30 is to be closer to freedom as it always been.  But I realize, it is really hard to do so.  I have to work my ass off.  Making time for family, friends, and random projects/businesses is a lot of work ... but worth it.  I've been blessed to be able to wake up when I want to and know I'll have food everyday to consume to survive.  I've been blessed to not have to worry about my livelihood on a daily basis.  It's so far been a good life and I want to continue this for as long as I can.

Tomorrow I'm going to be climbing at Holcomb.  Horray!

Goals for the next 6 months: Go on another trip (wherever!).  Travel outside of the US (again!). Launch the online course. Get back into shape (I don't think I'm as hardcore as I should be about my exercise routines as of late).

Goals for the future:  Be happy.  Continue to say Yes to adventures.  Be more giving.  Make time to meet more people.

Toodles! Yes, ending the post with a car selfie!

Toodles! Yes, ending the post with a car selfie.  Have fun ya'llz.


April Update – Life, Financials, Climbing, Podcasting

April Update - Life, Financials, Climbing, Podcasting

I don't think I ever took a real break.  And maybe it's starting to take its toll on me.  What is life about? Also - I saw some of my posts have around 200 shares... who are you guys?

Say hi! I don't bite. Hard.

Say hi! I don't bite. Hard.

Weekend of 3/19-3/20 Climbed at New Jack city and then attended Ann Nguyen's EP concert opening at the Federal Bar in Long Beach.  Ann's now on Spotify under "Ann Mai".  Had an awesome time!

Climbed with Greg, David, Julie & Benjo.

Climbed with Greg, David, Julie & Benjo.

Climbing at New Jack

Climbing at New Jack

Star of the night Ann Nguyen & David

Star of the night Ann Nguyen & David @ Ann's EP release concert!

Stephen Le - took some pics with his camera

Stephen Le - took some good pics with his camera

Oky, JoAnn, Sam

Oky, JoAnn, Sam - having dinner and drinks @ The Federal Bar in Long Beach

Weekend of 3/26-3/27 Went multi pitch climbing at Red Rock in Nevada.  Elliot and I met up with Stephen, Oky, Erin on one of the nights.  The other night we car camped on BLM land.  I followed Elliot up Cat in the Hat and Birdland.  It was absolutely breathtaking.  Bought two more cars.  Completed a month long squat competition - finished by doing 220 squats on the final day. Purchased a small trad rack over the week.

On top of Cat in the Hat

On top of Cat in the Hat

View from Cat in the Hat

View from Cat in the Hat

My awesome climbing partner Elliot!

My awesome climbing partner Elliot!

I have my own trad stuff now!

I have my own trad stuff now!

Weekend of 4/2-4/3 Started April Abs month.  Doing burpees, crunches, planks.  Caught a sunset at Hermosa Beach, ate by the pier, recorded a podcast session, and went rock climbing at Echo Cliffs in Los Angeles.  Climbed with David, Julie, and Nick.  Spent 3 hours figuring out the editing process of making a podcast episode.  I went on to publish the podcast session here. Decided to maybe get 49% share of another company in order to take it somewhere, sales-wise.

Sushi @ Hermosa Beach

Sushi @ Hermosa Beach

Sunset @ Hermosa Beach

Sunset @ Hermosa Beach

Dave @ Hermosa Beach

Dave @ Hermosa Beach

Lovely Julie

Lovely Julie

Nick @ Echo Cliffs

Nick @ Echo Cliffs

Weekend of 4/9-4/10  Set up warehouse shelves, met up with relatives from Vietnam who are now going to start living in America.  Visited Hermosa Beach again, ate by the pier at Baja Sharkeez's during the ending of the fight between Pacquiao and Bradley.  Went with David to meet up with Bao, Julie, Mike, & Gerry at Sender One.  Hired another employee. Signed up for an indoor rock climbing gym membership in Victorville called the Bullet Hole, climbed with and borrowed a book called A Comprehensive Guide to Trad Climbing from Elliot.

The Bullet Hole

With Elliot @ The Bullet Hole

Warehouse shelves

Warehouse shelves

My Hewwod.

My Hewwod.

Baja Sharkeez's scene

Baja Sharkeez's scene

Night time walk on the pier

Night time walk on the pier

I also started drawing comics again whenever I have 5-10 minutes to spare.  A sample is below.  You can find more here.

Goals for April: 1) Buy another car 2) Launch a marketing campaign for the software business and also create another product in the form of video series 3) Hire another Virtual Assistant but Daytime to help with customer service.  A friend suggsted using  3) Climb better by building more endurance by going to the gym more often. 4) Improve the inventorying flow of the auto dismantling business by restructuring it 4) Finish the April Abs challenge.

I discovered this blog called 30streams.  A guy's goal to create 30 streams of income before he hits thirty.  I am inspired.  I think I'll challenge myself to do the same. Except I have 6 months left.  I'm listening to webinars by Amy Porterfield, John Lee Dumas, and David Siteman Garland, hyping myself up for the push.

Goals for life: To be happy.  To heal.  To give more. To love more. To be financially free.

Financials below:  Sources - Ebay, Amazon, own websites, credit card sales. - Not included: Cash transactions, other random websites, savings, etc.  I'll include more next month.  Most likely I hope there will be better numbers once I do facebook marketing or any type of real marketing. *Crosses fingers*

auto dismantling sales online


off-line credit card sales

off-line credit card sales

finally got access to the magento site

finally got access to the magento site. horrible sales.

Amazon sales.. still horrible.

Amazon sales.. still horrible.

access to the woocommerce site

access to the woocommerce site

probably the only real passive business

Software sales - probably the only real passive business.  Sometimes we get cancellations. Ouch.

I guess that's all folks.  From now on, you can schedule or "grab a cup of coffee" with me.  I feel like there are so many great minds and poeple out there & I won't mind getting to know you better.  Try it out and let me know what you guys think.

Rambling thoughts & Updates

Hewwod again.

Rambling thoughts & Updates

I don't know why I decided to write this post but it's just to write.  I was reading a blog post by Mark Manson about "Keystone Habits" and it's about the concept of habits that once you pick it up - they will impact & form other life habits - like a ripple effect of sorts.  So I want to start writing everyday.  I used to be prolific writer.  And then I stopped.  Just like other random things I start and then stop and abandon almost completely.  There are many of them.  One keystone habit I've picked up is doing squats everyday.  A friend of mine started a squat challenge group and since then it has made me not only do squats but also push ups and other physical activities on a daily basis.  It has also increased my desire to eat more potato chips as well (oddly enough).  And I guess it increased my desire to look for other keystone habits - like writing, for one. HA.

Confessions.  An older friend told me "don't get old, Kim" one time as he bent down and his back ached as he got back up.  I started to think about what type of "getting old" pains a not-so-old person receives and it's not the physical type of change yet - it's moreso emotional.  I used to go from one long relationship to another long relationship, not knowing what I want but impulsively trying out connections with people who've agreed to form these bonds with me.  But as I get older, what's more important to me are connections with people that don't necessarily have to be anything but it has to be at least real.  Does that make sense?  That sense of urgency - the urgency to figure things out - is slowly dissipating as I'm more sure of myself and what I want.  Like I have over 100+ unread messages even though I signed up to online dating apps.  Here is a screenshot of Plenty Of Fish.


Yes, that's like 114 unread messages same with all the other dating apps I've signed up for.  AND YES! My phone's theme has hearts and cats. HAHA.

What happened?  I'm 29 now. Being more sure of myself happened.  Or just maybe the feeling that I've grown emotionally and I've figured out a happiness that is too damn irresistible to compromise just for any random dude.  What's preferable for now is just a calm, comforting, sinking motion into connections with wonderful people whom I have the luck to call friends.  Even if I just met them.  I'm pretty lucky to have met so many good people.  Is this adulthood?

Another feeling I have is tripping over (blatantly overlooking) social cues that come more naturally to others and not so much to myself.  Maybe it's from being a hermit for so long.  I don't know why that is but the only way I see myself getting through it is just to be more giving. You can't go wrong by being a giving person.  I hope one day it becomes more like second nature to me.

I'm up to 105 squats/day now.  It feels good.

I've pushed back a lot of goals because I feel like I can't do them well enough or execute them without being half assed.  Like making videos for a software company thing I co-founded which is making sales but would do a lot better if I put some effort into it.  Like starting a podcast.  I divert my short term goals to what's easy.

Random recent pictures:

View at Devil's Punchbowl

View at Devil's Punchbowl last weekend

It feels good to get outside

It feels good to get outside & climb.

Another milestone

Another milestone. 24K. Cool.

Sales have reached 1K/month. What the fuck am I doing?

Sales for the software company have reached nearly 1K/month. What am I doing still fucking around & not getting shit into gear?

Short term goals/plans: Buy another car on Thursday.  Go rock climbing this weekend. Go to a friend of a friend's concert. Submit payroll deposits to EED. Finish interviewing folks and hire a guy/girl by the end of next week. Continue writing at least once a day to push myself to do the short term goals I've delayed. Fix a website problem I've been having by consulting with my web developer.

More random pictures:

Harold. I pronounce her name Hewwod.

Harold. I pronounce her name Hewwod.

Hewwod again.

Hewwod again.

I love this feeling. Standing at an edge, looking down after climbing.

I love this feeling. Standing at an edge, looking down.  I want this edge to be higher.

Short term goals I've delayed for a very long time: Make videos for SFL.  Separate customer service calls from sales calls with a phone extension routing thing I've signed up for but have yet to set up. Buy more warehouse shelving space. Put more effort into studying the climbing techniques instead of just willy nilly going just climbing.

Long term goals delayed: Actually do some marketing plan. Travel somewhere else.  I want to plan something for August 2016.  Some trip outside the country so I can step outside of my bubble once again.

There's a weird sense of comfort derived from staring at these failures blankly with dead pan eyes (figuratively).  Like looking at food I've accidentally dropped on the floor.  It's the sort of feeling you get when there's nothing you can do about it BUT move on.  So that regret isn't a component anymore or the slightest hint of any what-if's.  There's only dealing with problems and the future & that's all there is left.  Submitting to the idea that things are out of your hands is liberating instead of panic inducing - at least to me.  It makes me lazy but it eases my mind in order to help me move forward.  Maybe it's some sort of crutch or an excuse for inaction.

Everyday I feel grateful to be alive and to get to choose the things I want to do.  Everyday is a free, good day.  There are obligations but they are the type I signed up for.

I'm curious: What are the goals you've delayed?  You think you will start sometime soon?  What is soon anyway when no one is really pushing you to do it?

I don't apologize for rambling.  You were warned.

Another random thing I want to share with you.  Did you know that there's a product called an "Eyewash Additive Concentrate" solution where if you are storing gallons of water for a long time, it will keep the bacteria content of the water good for up to 90 days?  I bought it for my eye-washing station in case anyone gets some corrosive/horrible fluids in their eyes.  It makes me wonder - if you are a doomsday prepper, do you use this for your water storage? Here is the image below:

Eye Wash Solution

Eye Wash Additive Concentrate

It takes me around 1-2 hours for each post and I know my grammar has gone to shit.  I sincerely hope my writing gets better as I practice this muscle more often.  Ciao for now!

One Step Closer To Freedom: Part 2

One Step Closer To Freedom: Part 2

Hooollllyyyyy geebus! I'm getting closer.  Let me update you peepz on el progresso.

Because there are too many things to cram into one post, I'll keep each section short. I still want to write at least one post a month so I can look back and pat myself on the back and say "Oh hey Kim, look at you, living life!  Good for you! Now, get some sleep because hey - you need it. No seriously. Get some damn sleep. Stop watching Breaking Bad for the 3rd time, falling asleep to a glaring screen isn't good for you. Omg House of Cards just came out with another season!!! F**** it all!) If you just want the numbers, go ahead and skip this whole part and scroll down to the bottom.

Saigon - I have a distant uncle who is wealthy so he let us stay in a room in one of his homes.  Every night we got CRUNK and ate so much food.  I don't know how his liver survives.

Vinh Long - My home village.  Turns out I have another wealthy uncle who owned several establishments in Vinh Long and Julio and I got to stay on the third floor of a house he just built.  All we did everyday was eat, explored, and get drunk. Having a high blood alcohol content is like a default state of being in Vietnam.

One of my relative's backyard

One of my relative's backyard



Vinh Long

Vinh Long

My cousin and I drinking from a coconut chopped from a nearby tree

My cousin and I drinking from a coconut chopped from a nearby tree. FRESH!

Ha Noi - Sky Bar with Julio

Sky Bar with Julio

Julio crossing water

Julio crossing water

Floating market - woke up at 5am for this

Floating market - woke up at 5am for this

Japanese temple

Japanese temple - rotate your head!

Visited my grandparent's graves

Visited my grandparent's graves

Canh Tho - We visited a fruit garden & mall. I don't have to much to say about Canh Tho.

Osaka & Tokyo - We were basically clueless girls rushing from place to place while asking strangers what does ANYTHING mean?




I met bunch of great travelers all around the world using Tinder and simply just walking around. That's right. I used Tinder while traveling to meet other travelers.  Still keeping in touch with a friend from Sweden till this day.

Travelers from Sweden - Petter & Axel

Travelers from Sweden - Petter & Axel

Came back on February 1st.

1st weekend back from the epic vacation (2/6-2/7) - I went rock climbing and camping at New Jack City with some awesome people.  Explored "New Bob City" to amuse Stephen's curiosity and was met with some colorful characters who informed us it was no longer open to the public.  Bouldered nearby. Got cubicle walls for the office & styrofoam for dayssssss (like... too much styrofoam, ya'llz).

Stella going "WHAT'S UPPP?"

Stella going "WHAT'S UPPP MY PEEPZ?" to Dante and Bao.

Elliot stretching it out

Elliot stretching it out

2nd weekend back from the epic vacation (2/13-2/14) - I went rock climbing and camping at Joshua Tree with more awesome people.  Got a rope loop thing to carry my draws for Valentine's day from a very cool self appointed Mayor/Professor. Witnessed some modeling & on the same day a horrible accident.  Realized we couldn't have climbed a lot of climbs if it weren't for Steve setting up all the ropes.  Thanks Steve!  Spent that Monday (President's day) being a guest on a movie review podcast & watched Deadpool - a movie I highly recommend.  Met Jordan and Andrew, the podcast hosts - had a blast! Learned a lot about podcasting & was inspired to try it out myself. Bought a 2002 Mercedes C320.

Drinking BYOA & eating Julie's food - the hostest with the mostest!

Drinking BYOAlcohol & eating Julie Shen's food - the hostest with the mostest!

Chillin' at Jtree

Chillin' at Jtree

Crushing it

Julie Yu as a top rope renegade. - sorry about the non-rotated images



3rd weekend back from the epic vacation (2/19-2/21)- Stayed at a cabin near Mammoth and hit the slopes with some awesome friends. Learned a lot about my amiga Stella & amigo Bao. Ate a bunch of snow. Bouldered in Bishop.  Discovered Jennyfer's cool job with Listened to the whole series of "Serial" upon Jennyfer's insistence.  Bought a 2003 Land Rover Discovery 2.

on the slopes with Hira!

on the slopes with Hira!

Awesome peepz!

Awesome peepz!

Bao in his element!

Bao in his element!

4th weekend back from the epic vacation (27th-28th) - Supposed to go to Red Rock to climb but got sick so stayed in and chilled (with Netflix). Got another client for the software company.  I started drawing again for my webcomic.

How Ive slept with so many people without sleeping with so many people

How I've slept with so many people without sleeping with so many people

One month from the epic vacation (3/5/16) - Went to Echo Cliffs to rock climb but the weather was shitty so we all drove to Strong Hold (my first time there, it was awesome!). Had a jolly good time with various games over beer at Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles.  Got some good climbing tips from my friend Oky whom I found out is a coordinator extraordinaire & is a good person to get tips and tricks for climbing from.

Scrabble at Angel City Brewery

Scrabble at Angel City Brewery w/ Dave, Oky, Andrew & Julie

Grew wings

Grew wings. Hehe.

How things have progressed numbers wise:

Auto dismantling sales

Online Auto dismantling sales ~ 23K. My goal is 30K/month!

Offline Credit Card Sales

Offline Credit Card Sales ~ 3K

Amazon sales sucked

Amazon sales sucked ~ $341.99

Software Company

Software Company ~ $533

There are other things - like sales on our own website (which I can't log into right now because something is broken) and cash sales & paypal only sales...etc.

The last two months have been pretty much nonstop fun!!  I'm so lucky to be living this life.

What I learned:

  1. Letting go and having fun is a good thing.
  2. Saying Yes a lot is a good thing.  I was able to meet more people and go to more places because I said Yes (even though my body screamed no! I'm not talking about rape, though.).
  3. Saying Yes too much got me in trouble with my health.  So I had to recuperate.

Goals for the next three months:

  1. Get to 30K/month in sales for the auto dismantling company (I'm getting closer!).
  2. Give more.
  3. Make a video series for the software company (damnit, procrastinated for too long). --> try to re-launch product with at least 3K in customer purchases.
  4. Get started on my podcast series featuring rock climbers & entrepreneurs.
  5. Climb at least 10A outside and get to at least a V3 in bouldering strength.
  6. Be happy.

Abstract & nonabstract goals for the next six months:

  1. Learn more. Be free.
  2. Continue to try & grab life more by the cajones.
  3. Travel to another country.  Find a traveling partner.

It took me literally 2 hours to write this post.  Holy god.  Anyway, I'm on day 2 of a squat challenge.  Want to join me?

dat ass!

dat ass!

One Step Closer To Freedom: Part 1

One Step Closer To Freedom: Part 1

So I finally decided to do it and take the plunge.  Travel for half a month without attending to the businesses much.  My goal for 2016 is to be completely free of a schedule.  So the next trip will be one whole month.  Then two.  Then three.  Then... who knows!  I REALLY really want to stop trading dollar for hours.

Everyday, I'm one step closer.

If you want to see the financials, just skip over whatever is below (all the traveling stuff) & scroll towards the very end.

Where we went:

  1. Ha Noi
  2. Ha Long Bay
  3. Sa Pa
  4. Hoi An
  5. Ho Chi Minh City
  6. Vinh Long
  7. Canh Tho
  8. Osaka
  9. Tokyo

Our trip, in maps:

Where we had to go

Where we had to go (roughly from LAX --> Ha Noi). We had connecting flights, stopping in Japan.

Our Way Around Vietnam

Our Way Around Vietnam

Then To Osaka

Then To Osaka

Then to Tokyo

Then to Tokyo

Then back to LAX.

Then back to LAX.  The jet lag was intense!!!!!

I wanted to go to Thailand and Cambodia as well but we ran out of time.  We booked our flights as we landed, not before we flew to Vietnam.

I just want to give a HUGE thanks to Julio, my travel buddy.  Wherever we are, she is always on the ball with collecting maps and asking people for directions, speaking in our native tongue (Vietnamese) quite well, keeping us on track pretty much and completely enthusiastic about the possibilities of proposed adventures ahead.  We never missed our flights and everything flowed pretty smoothly.  She is always cheerful, quickly rebounds when frustrated and overall a great travel partner to have.  If I had a yelp rating for Julio as a travel buddy, I would give her five stars.

Julio (Aka Julie Nguyen)

Julio (Aka Julie Nguyen). Five Stars.

Even babies like her. Five Stars.

Even babies like her. Five Stars.

We landed in Ha Noi at like... 11pm.  Having no hotel booked as we just winged it, we were dropped off at a random street and just rolled our items to the nearest hotel. Tu Linh.  There was no vacancy.  They recommended another branch just down the street.  Rolling our items down a dark, abandoned street in Ha Noi felt nice (or unsettling).  We pulled up to the second branch and it was locked, lights were off.  I told Julio at this point it was time to do the appropriate thing = PANIC.  Julio disagreed and from within we saw a lady approaching the doorway to unlock the establishment (the door was locked with a U lock).  A man sleeping at the reception area stirred awake to help us move our items in.  While in the shower, I encountered a guest, Mr. 4 inch cockroach.  I swallowed my scream and asked the hotel people to make it disappear.  They did so with the aid of their sandle plus the sanitation system (toilet).  The next morning Julio and I worried since we didn't plan much, we'd have to spend half the day planning.  No such thing - Quyen (I think that is how you spell her name), the hotel front desk lady helped plan our entire Ha Long Bay and Sea Pa trips within 1 hour.  She saved us the stress of having to plan it ourselves - so we had time to explore Ha Noi.

Everywhere we went, Julio kept asking me why is it that when she speaks in Vietnamese, they respond back in their broken English?  So the locals would rather suffer through trying to communicate in English than further corresponding with Julio with her Vietnamese.  Later on we both figured out, to our dismay, that we sucked at speaking TRUE Vietnamese.  We just sucked.  Some of us, moreso than others (Out of the two of us, I mean).

Needless to say we got "Chat" like hell.  Translation: "Ripped off".  Failing to hide the fact that we are foreigners and not having any ability to bargain, our trip immediately became more expensive.  Every item's cost within any market became twice or three times the usual amount.  At least with non-vietnamese speaking friends, they are oblivious and ignorance might be bliss.  We were reminded everywhere we go that we were going to get ripped the fuck off.  And there was cackling accompanying these reminders.

I bought a coconut in Sa Pa for $50,000 Dong.  Later on I learned that it costs $5,000-$10,000 Dong/Coconut and I gave my left arm for one in Sa Pa.  At least they didn't take my hypothetical first born.

First stop! Ha long bay.  It was ridiculously breathtaking.  I had the chance to stretch myself out with the view of the islands as my backdrop.  I'm talking about Tai Chi, here.  I was taught a cooking lesson, sang Karaoke till midnight with a bunch of travelers from Australia (all Indians), explored caves, kayaked, watched how pearls are made, and slept to the sound of the water.  My phone made us look more photogenic than we deserve. HAHA.

Me & Julio when I had longer hair

Me & Julio when I had longer hair

Don't you just want to climb that rock?!

Don't you just want to climb those rocks?!

I remember eating freshly caught squid and eating it WITH its ink.  I remember drinking too much and singing too hard, Julio snapchating the singing and a friend from the US telling me she saw me singing last night.  I remember Julio and I kayaking the heck out of our arms.  We were two Asian girls yelling "LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT... no... TWO RIGHTS, TWO RIGHTS, THEN ANOTHER LEFT, JULIO, WE GOTTA SYNCHRONIZE OR WE WON'T MOVE FORWARD" in order to catch up with the people ahead of us so they could take a picture of us on our kayaks.  The things we do for a picture.  I have it on my other camera so I'd have to add it below.  WAS IT WORTH IT?  Yes, it was.

SA PA 2016

SA PA 2016

Our second stop - Sa Pa where we had a home stay with a Hmong family.  The Hmong people in Sa Pa are really traditional and physically small (sorry if this offends anyone).  They let their children roam free so you would see toddlers just littered everywhere on the mountainside.  Like goats.  Khu, our travel guide told us the story of when she first say "White men" in her village.  She yelled "MONSTER! THERE IS A MONSTER APPROACHING," describing the tall, hairy white man ambling towards their home.  Her mom told her it was just another human being but when I put myself in her shoes, an extremely tiny Hmong toddler, I guess seeing a white man would be quite scary.  I now look at all my white friends differently. (Kidding/not kidding).  When we first go to Sa Pa there were tiny crowds of Hmong ladies around us asking if we want to take a tour to their homestays.  We have already booked one, so one lady in particular, Khu, called Julio's cell phone.  Julio thought a stranger was calling her and I told her it was Khu (standing 1 foot away with a lit phone corresponding to Julio's lit phone).  An interesting fact - when you are trekking your way up the mountain, you will be followed by more Hmong ladies in hopes of befriending you along the way so you would eventually feel guilty enough to purchase something from them when you have reached your destination.  The Hmong followers we've gained helped us pick out our walking sticks, weaved foliage into flower decorations, and although senior in age (40's-50's), they out hiked us easily as this was their daily walk (a 4-6 hour trek up and down the mountain).  No wonder they live such long lives, they exercise everyday, eat their natural home grown food and breathe fresh mountain air.  A local vietnamese girl named Mo taught me how to ride a motor bike on the side of the mountain which gave me the SKILLZ to give Julio a ride through a fog filled city.



Khu easily outhiking us and Julio is saying she went from pharmacist to hiking 6 hours straight. This ain't no tea party!

Khu easily outhiking us, looking godamn bored out of her mind and Julio is saying she went from pharmacist to hiking 6 hours straight. This ain't no tea party, Julio! And here I thought you were a gangsta!

PART 2 is coming up next.  I'm just too tired to type anymore right now.


Oh yeah, I wrote this before I wrote the above, so here ya go:

[Please note: Of course, I have friends who are selling at $40K/month or even $60K/month... and I am not there yet. Maybe next year.]

I was barely on the phone throughout my trip since reception was so spotty for me (except for being on facebook and instagram) and I just stepped back to the office today.  I've come back to these numbers:

Auto Dismantling Sales

Auto Dismantling Sales ...$18K+...last 30 days

Software company sales ... last 90 days

Software company sales $1K... last 90 days (since we didn't work on it much, the numbers plummeted)

Just started Amazon

Just started on Amazon.. almost 1K!

January sales outside of a website

January sales outside of a website (this dipped from the usual $1-2K) since I had a new hire.

Previous last 4 days of february

Previous last 4 days of February

Overall = Not too shabby for not working for half a month.  Thanks to my staff.  Not me, of course.

My goal is to get to $30K/month within 4 months.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming in 1 day.  I want to vomit my memories onto text before I forget what happened on the trip.  Maybe vomit is too strong a word.  I want to capture the good times onto text before any early onset of alzheimer's kicks in.  Not anymore appropriate?  Oh well.  I cut my hair, which I might regret later, but below is the new do:

See ya!

See ya! Sorry for the horrible grammar!  I'll start assimilating more as the days go by.


  1. Adventures with other travelers we met on the road.
  2. More random observations.
  3. Julio quotes.
  4. Pictures not on facebook.
  5. The FIVE + different types of toilets we encountered on our trip and how Vietnam is doing is wrong and Japan is doing it right. (You had this coming, Vietnam...)

The funnies of online dating & moving onwards with life, love, happiness

The funnies of online dating & moving onwards with life, love, happiness

So finally we relinquished to giving up on something that wasn't working and I think we'll both be the happier for it.  With that said - Life moves on. =)

I expanded my business to selling on Amazon as well as my own website and I'm going to start traveling in January. Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan bound!

My goals for 2016:

  1. Be completely and utterly free from a schedule.
  2. Become a stronger, better rock climber. Try to climb 11's by the end of the year.  Go camping more, go climbing at least once a week.  Take more trips. See the world.
  3. At my own pace, start delving more deeply into the software industry, selling intangibles and courses.

Personal goals:

  1. Live life valuing the things that matter, care more for the people who matter, and be happy.

    Hair needs washing

    Eyebrows need plucking. Hair needs washing. No filters. Just came back from a long day. But happy!

  2. Raise Harold up to become a healthy carefree dog.

    Harold on my lap

    Harold on my lap

The THIRST regarding TINDER vs. POF

Not one to sit around and mope after an amicable ending, I signed up for POF and Tinder. And I saw my ex on there. Woooooo!

Tinder = I think it's good for making friendships.  I met up with a rock climber through tinder and we just climbed at a hanger 18. It was a blast!  POF = Damn. The spam.  Hundreds of messages within a few days alone. The options seem limitless, really.  I'd recommend any female to sign up for POF just for the ego stroke it so willingly gives. HAHA.

Funny messages/things I've encountered on POF:

"I've always wanted an ASIAN."

"What do you think about a cuckhold relationship?"

"Hi." ........2 hours later & no response .......... "Hey Beautiful." ............... 2 hours later.......... "Hello.".............. 2 hours later......... "What are you up to?"

"Let's Netflix and chill."

"How do you chill?"

"Let me own you."

"Are you up to BLAZE???"

"You 420 friendly?"

"Marry me."

"You are two hours away? DON'T WORRY I DON'T MIND DRIVING"

Funny messages/things I've encountered on Tinder:

"Hey! You are only five minutes away!"

"Hey! You are right next door to me! I'm on Street Name & Street Name! Don't be surprised if I drop on by!"

"Hello, you graduated from UCLA?"

"Hey, IT SAYS you are 10 minutes from me."

"What do you do with all those cars I see on your instagram?"

For the most part people are nice and cordial. But meeting through friends >  online dating.  I'll keep you guys updated on the randomness to come.








So it seems as if after I got hacked, I lost some motivation to post every month.  My last update was in August 2015.

There has been many changes since my last update and I'd like to share with ya'll.  In no particular order...

I doubled the price for the software company (I co-own with Ron) and we are still selling. I took a "how to create awesome courses" course and this is one of their tips.  I followed it and it works.


$1,209.50 in sales for 10/1/15-11/18/15.

What that essentially did was increase our revenue from 2,772.78 (2014) to $5,870.95 (2015) increasing sales by 111% [graphs below].  Not bad for part time work.


$2,772.78 for 2014 sales.


$5,870.95 (2015 sales so far)

As for the auto dismantling business, I was randomly texting the owner of another dismantling company and ended up buying him out as his was shutting down. So I had to hire another employee, which upped the worker's comp yearly payments, and I also had to hire another VA to keep up the workload, which increased a shitload of expenses.  DID I MENTION.. several more cars were purchased?!

Not net, mind you.

As of November 18th, 2015.  Not net, mind you. & it doesn't include anything earned from the software company. Because it might be another year until I actually take $$ from that venture due to its still growing nature.

So sales are getting to be better at around 20K but I really need them to go to 30K/month to be "okay" with things and afford everyone.  To help facilitate that, I did something I haven't done before - got a business loan to purchase more inventory.  It's a risk but hey, no risk, no reward.  Paypal was like, "hey, here's 20K and you can pay us back with 15% of your daily sales, no late fees, and no penalties (except if you don't pay us anything - THEN WE WANT IT ALL BACK of course).  So within 1 minute, they gave me 20K.  I was on different forums contemplating taking money from Paypal and some people were given 200K (because their sales were probably in the millions) in order to expand their businesses.  So 20K is like a spit in the bucket.


And I immediately withdrew it to the business bank account.

Will all of this money be snorted up my nose, you ask?  

Nope.  I'm not into that sort of thing. Yet.

I'm going to use it to purchase the inventory + manpower I need to push us to 30K/month.  That's what.  Don't you dare question my judgement on this! Paypal working capital works pretty well for small businesses.  It's like those micro-lenders in those third world countries.  We shall see how this goes a couple of months down the line.  If I can't "make it rain", I'll just pay them back to get the monkey off my shoulders. WE. SHALL. SEE.

I also made other moves like..

  • got a 2% cash back business credit card (due to the huge amount of money being spent every month, this was a sound decision)..
  • and I negotiated better shipping rates with UPS that will open this whole avenue of being able to sell more heavy items to my customers...
  • AND worked late nights to create a central area where all the inventory will be sync'd to one place. website JUST launched.
  • and started selling on Amazon
  • and found out Amazon lets you have 2 day free shipping on orders over $45 if you are a business entity (did NOT know this before! damn you, Prime, for not saying anything about this to me!)

I was only able to do all of this because I hired another worker to help take over tasks I used to do.

That is why I believe taking money from Paypal is a good decision.  It will allow me to pay for what's necessary to increase inventory and in turn increase sales.  Once I push sales to 30K/month, it will be a GAME CHANGER, bitch.  What I do know right now is I have a kick ass team.  Small, but kick ass.  Gotta have a kick ass team when the business is so tiny.

But life is not all about monies and numberz.

Seriously, where do people find time to do everything? WHERE? I can barely do a few things/month.

Onto PERSONAL stuffs:


  • am still climbing (rocks).
  • rescued a female puppy whom I named HAROLD.
  • still find time to enjoy holidays, friends, date, etc.
  • used to rent from various peeps but now I have a place of my own (mainly so that I can keep Harold).  Probably will buy a house in the future after taxes are submitted for 2015. Maybe.
  • am still not 30 yet! (hah.)
still cimbing

still climbing. 

Harold the female dog.

Harold the female dog. & love of my life.

Halloween party w/ my gal pal Val

Halloween house party w/ my gal pal Val

Went to Hollywood for Fright Night!

Went to Hollywood for Fright Night!

Random Compilation

Found time for a puppy, dating, cooking my own food, attending comedy shows, and having family time with my very Asian parents. + other random stuff.

Things I've failed at:

  1. Taking more vacations.  So in January I'm planning to go on a trip with my colleague maybe to Machu Picchu.
  2. Becoming a better climber. I want to at least be able to lead more 10's.
  3. Trying to start an import company (too many other projects got in the way). This project got kicked to the wayside.
  4. Maintaining and going to more meetups.  I went to a Maker Con and am super inspired to buy a 3 day printer!  But that was it.
  5. Keep in better shape.  Losing 10 lbs was NOT my goal. But it just happened because I was working too much and forgetting to eat.

Upcoming Goals:

For the next three months I will

  1. Lead climb more 10's.
  2. Probably hire another worker + buy more cars ==> push sales to 30k/month.  Or ship at least 500 items/month by the end of March.
  3. Go on a trip - anywhere! (In January).
  4. Release a video series for the software company and push sales to $2000/month.
  5. Attend more tech meetups! (LA is just so far... but I would love to go to more of these meetups. Anyone want to carpool?)
  6. Figure out who I am and what I really want in life (hahaha... this is a lofty one).

Life Goal:

  • To be happy.


  • the undying support of my parents, who would visit me and bring delicious Asian food.
  • friends from college, friends from the high desert, & my work team.
  • being able to wake up everyday and live life as a free, happy, healthy individual.

What I learned from getting Hacked


What I learned from getting Hacked

That it'll take me a couple of hundred dollars (even with my cost effective trusty developer) to recover everything and even then it'll be glitchy as heck. Oh, and always back up everything, everywhere.  Not just back some things up in one of your four external hard drives so that it becomes a godamn easter hunt for a hard to find egg.  Have a backup in each of those external hard drives and then back up those backups in more external hard drives. Yup.

So excuse me for all the broken links and the images not appearing from the past blogs.  This ONE blog post should be okay.

Back in January 2015, when I posted about my goals on disconnecting from the business while simultaneously growing it, I'm proud to report to you guys a few milestones.

Mind you, it took me nearly 9 months.  The term of a normal pregnancy, if you will.. to do the following.

I managed to grow the business to 17K-18K/month in sales.  You heard me.  However, I still need to reach 25K/month to really make any dent.  And some of my friends do 62K-250K/month [albiet on their own respective businesses which are not related to my industry whatsoever], so my modest goal of 25K is a very VERY modest one.


Sales for the month of January 2015


Sales for the month of August 2015

Another interface (It is a bit less because there was a lag between the first and second sales reporting program).


Off-line sales:


I'll let you glimpse at the sales in 2013 when I was barely starting:

started from the very bottom

started from the very bottom - August 2013.

So in January 2015 my sales were around 11K-12K.  In August 2015 my sales equal around 18K.  That's more than a 50% increase in sales over the course of 9 months.  I still need to get to 25K because to play with the big boys I need to purchase cars that are around $5-$10K cash each. 25K in sales with a more than 80% sell through rate.

And below are numbers for my software business (which I co-found with Ron):


Earned $467 for the period of July 1, 2015 - August 31, 2015. This is about as close to passive income as we can possibly get.

2015 Earnings

2015 Earnings ~ $3287.00.

The software business is ran as a subscription based business.

Did I start my import company yet?  No, but I will need to do something about that.

My ULTIMATE goal still is to remove myself from my main business, let it run by itself, and not let it dominate my life.


And I think little by little I'm accomplishing just that.

I took a week off just to see if everything would go to shit.  And things didn't [go to shit].  So I got to do a road trip through Nevada, Utah, and Colorado - rock climbing along the way and sight seeing.

11057281_10104722112844826_3771546388470406604_o 11722653_10104722098234106_7681454525860632964_o


I will probably try to start a million more businesses but I hope that one day they will be spawned from complete leisure and pure curiosity more than anything.  Because I need my bills paid as much as the next guy.

But what I'm learning more and more is that I really don't care to have a stressful life even if it brings me more moola.  I'd rather enjoy life, enjoy nature, then be stuck in some office job.  That is why having businesses that can organically grow little by little is the way to go for me.

My goal from now till December 2015 is to push sales to $25K/month all the meanwhile detaching myself.  I'm starting this thing where I randomly take a day off of work during the week.  1 week off of work will become 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... then maybe it will be FOREVER (THE DREAM!).  I will also try to get at least $1K/month in passive income from the software business by the end of 2015.  Just a few more subscribers!

I started from the very very bottom... now I'm .. somewhere.  I'm not where I want to be just yet but I'm getting there.

Living life is more important.  Friends, family, my health & happiness is so so much more important.