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So it seems as if after I got hacked, I lost some motivation to post every month.  My last update was in August 2015.

There has been many changes since my last update and I'd like to share with ya'll.  In no particular order...

I doubled the price for the software company (I co-own with Ron) and we are still selling. I took a "how to create awesome courses" course and this is one of their tips.  I followed it and it works.


$1,209.50 in sales for 10/1/15-11/18/15.

What that essentially did was increase our revenue from 2,772.78 (2014) to $5,870.95 (2015) increasing sales by 111% [graphs below].  Not bad for part time work.


$2,772.78 for 2014 sales.


$5,870.95 (2015 sales so far)

As for the auto dismantling business, I was randomly texting the owner of another dismantling company and ended up buying him out as his was shutting down. So I had to hire another employee, which upped the worker's comp yearly payments, and I also had to hire another VA to keep up the workload, which increased a shitload of expenses.  DID I MENTION.. several more cars were purchased?!

Not net, mind you.

As of November 18th, 2015.  Not net, mind you. & it doesn't include anything earned from the software company. Because it might be another year until I actually take $$ from that venture due to its still growing nature.

So sales are getting to be better at around 20K but I really need them to go to 30K/month to be "okay" with things and afford everyone.  To help facilitate that, I did something I haven't done before - got a business loan to purchase more inventory.  It's a risk but hey, no risk, no reward.  Paypal was like, "hey, here's 20K and you can pay us back with 15% of your daily sales, no late fees, and no penalties (except if you don't pay us anything - THEN WE WANT IT ALL BACK of course).  So within 1 minute, they gave me 20K.  I was on different forums contemplating taking money from Paypal and some people were given 200K (because their sales were probably in the millions) in order to expand their businesses.  So 20K is like a spit in the bucket.


And I immediately withdrew it to the business bank account.

Will all of this money be snorted up my nose, you ask?  

Nope.  I'm not into that sort of thing. Yet.

I'm going to use it to purchase the inventory + manpower I need to push us to 30K/month.  That's what.  Don't you dare question my judgement on this! Paypal working capital works pretty well for small businesses.  It's like those micro-lenders in those third world countries.  We shall see how this goes a couple of months down the line.  If I can't "make it rain", I'll just pay them back to get the monkey off my shoulders. WE. SHALL. SEE.

I also made other moves like..

  • got a 2% cash back business credit card (due to the huge amount of money being spent every month, this was a sound decision)..
  • and I negotiated better shipping rates with UPS that will open this whole avenue of being able to sell more heavy items to my customers...
  • AND worked late nights to create a central area where all the inventory will be sync'd to one place. website JUST launched.
  • and started selling on Amazon
  • and found out Amazon lets you have 2 day free shipping on orders over $45 if you are a business entity (did NOT know this before! damn you, Prime, for not saying anything about this to me!)

I was only able to do all of this because I hired another worker to help take over tasks I used to do.

That is why I believe taking money from Paypal is a good decision.  It will allow me to pay for what's necessary to increase inventory and in turn increase sales.  Once I push sales to 30K/month, it will be a GAME CHANGER, bitch.  What I do know right now is I have a kick ass team.  Small, but kick ass.  Gotta have a kick ass team when the business is so tiny.

But life is not all about monies and numberz.

Seriously, where do people find time to do everything? WHERE? I can barely do a few things/month.

Onto PERSONAL stuffs:


  • am still climbing (rocks).
  • rescued a female puppy whom I named HAROLD.
  • still find time to enjoy holidays, friends, date, etc.
  • used to rent from various peeps but now I have a place of my own (mainly so that I can keep Harold).  Probably will buy a house in the future after taxes are submitted for 2015. Maybe.
  • am still not 30 yet! (hah.)
still cimbing

still climbing. 

Harold the female dog.

Harold the female dog. & love of my life.

Halloween party w/ my gal pal Val

Halloween house party w/ my gal pal Val

Went to Hollywood for Fright Night!

Went to Hollywood for Fright Night!

Random Compilation

Found time for a puppy, dating, cooking my own food, attending comedy shows, and having family time with my very Asian parents. + other random stuff.

Things I've failed at:

  1. Taking more vacations.  So in January I'm planning to go on a trip with my colleague maybe to Machu Picchu.
  2. Becoming a better climber. I want to at least be able to lead more 10's.
  3. Trying to start an import company (too many other projects got in the way). This project got kicked to the wayside.
  4. Maintaining and going to more meetups.  I went to a Maker Con and am super inspired to buy a 3 day printer!  But that was it.
  5. Keep in better shape.  Losing 10 lbs was NOT my goal. But it just happened because I was working too much and forgetting to eat.

Upcoming Goals:

For the next three months I will

  1. Lead climb more 10's.
  2. Probably hire another worker + buy more cars ==> push sales to 30k/month.  Or ship at least 500 items/month by the end of March.
  3. Go on a trip - anywhere! (In January).
  4. Release a video series for the software company and push sales to $2000/month.
  5. Attend more tech meetups! (LA is just so far... but I would love to go to more of these meetups. Anyone want to carpool?)
  6. Figure out who I am and what I really want in life (hahaha... this is a lofty one).

Life Goal:

  • To be happy.


  • the undying support of my parents, who would visit me and bring delicious Asian food.
  • friends from college, friends from the high desert, & my work team.
  • being able to wake up everyday and live life as a free, happy, healthy individual.

What I learned from getting Hacked


What I learned from getting Hacked

That it'll take me a couple of hundred dollars (even with my cost effective trusty developer) to recover everything and even then it'll be glitchy as heck. Oh, and always back up everything, everywhere.  Not just back some things up in one of your four external hard drives so that it becomes a godamn easter hunt for a hard to find egg.  Have a backup in each of those external hard drives and then back up those backups in more external hard drives. Yup.

So excuse me for all the broken links and the images not appearing from the past blogs.  This ONE blog post should be okay.

Back in January 2015, when I posted about my goals on disconnecting from the business while simultaneously growing it, I'm proud to report to you guys a few milestones.

Mind you, it took me nearly 9 months.  The term of a normal pregnancy, if you will.. to do the following.

I managed to grow the business to 17K-18K/month in sales.  You heard me.  However, I still need to reach 25K/month to really make any dent.  And some of my friends do 62K-250K/month [albiet on their own respective businesses which are not related to my industry whatsoever], so my modest goal of 25K is a very VERY modest one.


Sales for the month of January 2015


Sales for the month of August 2015

Another interface (It is a bit less because there was a lag between the first and second sales reporting program).


Off-line sales:


I'll let you glimpse at the sales in 2013 when I was barely starting:

started from the very bottom

started from the very bottom - August 2013.

So in January 2015 my sales were around 11K-12K.  In August 2015 my sales equal around 18K.  That's more than a 50% increase in sales over the course of 9 months.  I still need to get to 25K because to play with the big boys I need to purchase cars that are around $5-$10K cash each. 25K in sales with a more than 80% sell through rate.

And below are numbers for my software business (which I co-found with Ron):


Earned $467 for the period of July 1, 2015 - August 31, 2015. This is about as close to passive income as we can possibly get.

2015 Earnings

2015 Earnings ~ $3287.00.

The software business is ran as a subscription based business.

Did I start my import company yet?  No, but I will need to do something about that.

My ULTIMATE goal still is to remove myself from my main business, let it run by itself, and not let it dominate my life.


And I think little by little I'm accomplishing just that.

I took a week off just to see if everything would go to shit.  And things didn't [go to shit].  So I got to do a road trip through Nevada, Utah, and Colorado - rock climbing along the way and sight seeing.

11057281_10104722112844826_3771546388470406604_o 11722653_10104722098234106_7681454525860632964_o


I will probably try to start a million more businesses but I hope that one day they will be spawned from complete leisure and pure curiosity more than anything.  Because I need my bills paid as much as the next guy.

But what I'm learning more and more is that I really don't care to have a stressful life even if it brings me more moola.  I'd rather enjoy life, enjoy nature, then be stuck in some office job.  That is why having businesses that can organically grow little by little is the way to go for me.

My goal from now till December 2015 is to push sales to $25K/month all the meanwhile detaching myself.  I'm starting this thing where I randomly take a day off of work during the week.  1 week off of work will become 2, 3, 4, 5, 6... then maybe it will be FOREVER (THE DREAM!).  I will also try to get at least $1K/month in passive income from the software business by the end of 2015.  Just a few more subscribers!

I started from the very very bottom... now I'm .. somewhere.  I'm not where I want to be just yet but I'm getting there.

Living life is more important.  Friends, family, my health & happiness is so so much more important.


Tired. TIRED!


I apologize for the lack of REAL meaty, how-to posts you guys desire (and face it, it's the only thing you want anyway).

To quickly update.  For the first time in my LIFE I've hired a full time virtual assistant.  So far... so good.  I have more time for myself which means AFTER work this is what I do:

1) Drive down the hill to go indoor rock climbing at a Hanger 18 (upland, rancho).  I can do V2+'s now!

2) Spend hours and hours after midnight talking to manufacturers in China (Because I want to start an import company).

3) Spending hours creating new training for my VA.

4) Spending hours listening/learning from online modules by David Siteman Garland teaching me how to Create An Awesome Course Online (Because that's also want to do).  I have subscribers for my software company (of which I am a co-founder) BUT it's not nearly at the level it can be and I really want to spend the next months pushing it to the next level.

5) Spend more time meeting random strangers at meetup groups (Because ... I want to!).

With more free time I basically exhaust myself almost completely with physical exertions of mental exertions and then I crash hard.  No one is forcing me to do anything.  Everything I want to do, I do it because I can.

I also sleep almost all day sometimes on Saturdays... because I want to [notice the theme here? the UNDERLYING theme?].  Here is a verbal explanation of my current life: ME ME ME ME ME ME ME I WANT TO I WANT TO I WANT TO. I WANT TO CLIMB. I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH. I WANT TO GO TO THE FAIR. I WANT MORE. HERE LET ME TREAT YOU OUT BECAUSE I CAN. HERE LET ME TREAT MYSELF OUT BECAUSE I DESERVE IT. ME ME ME ME ME ME. YOU? OKAY, SURE. BACK TO ME. [My friend recently had a something similar.. a stream of conscience of some sort... and I decided it was pretty damn accurate of my situation as well... so I shamelessly copied her (Credit to Robin Tran)].

After a cup of sake + frozen strawberries to cap off the night.

After a cup of sake + frozen strawberries to cap off the night. Notice the eye goop? Good.

I'm learning how to love myself more and not having to worry so much about money (now) is such a blessing in almost all aspects of my damn life.

Sales dipped a little for the auto dismantling company but I spent a lot of time training vs. listing (to FREE myself!) so it was worth it.  I want to be free. I want to stop trading hours for dollars, dammnit.

Some screenshots that were relevant to my life below.  And that's it!  Because I'm tired & I want to go to sleep.

I promise I PROMISE I will find time to post something relevant.  For now the most relevant thing I can tell you guys is:

1) I'm starting an import company.

2) I am going to start an online course THE RIGHT WAY (with the right softwares).  By the way, why does wordpress auto correct me when I type softwareS?  Is software not SUPPOSED to be plural? What?

3) I'm in the process of slowly and surely automating my auto dismantling company so it can run without me.  I'm taking the steps, sir!

4) I find that with financial stability I love myself A LOT MORE. (Free drinks on me!)  I want more than this provincial life!! (to be honest, this life is rather insane already).

5) I'm becoming more and more involved with different communities,I'm enjoying giving free advice left and right to help whoever I can and even though my sleep schedule is completely fucked up by now - I love it.

Auto Dismantling Sales

Auto Dismantling Sales

Separate Credit Card Sales

Separate Credit Card Sales

Software company sales

Software company sales

Question!: What is going on in your life that I can help with?  Leave comments below or send me a private email!  I'm not making any promises. But hey, I'll take a stab at it.

April Financial and Life Updates

April Financial and Life Updates

I almost didn't post this month because similar to a squirrel caught in the excitement of shiny objects - I was damn near all over the place.  And for that I SUFFERED.  When I say suffer I really mean = did not improve!

Instead of listing a lot more items, I got distracted on the idea that HEY, MAYBE I'LL TURN MY WALLS IN CHALKBOARD WALLS!  Below is my progress:

part 1

part 1

part 2

part 2

part 3

part 3

almost done, first coat

almost done, first coat

second and third coat

the best damn motherfucking chalkboard if i ever see one

Then I figured, I needed to listen to a lot of podcasts and get exposed to more knowledge.  I signed up to various ecommerce forums (so damn helpful) and was bombarded by all these softwares.  In no particular order, these are the softwares that BLEW MY FUCKING MIND: - they let you create actions, if-then stuff, to better automate your life.  And they link these actions CROSS PLATFORMS.  Like gmail, insightly, redbooth, dropbox, etc.  You name it, they've got it.  For example if an email from Company X's client arrives in my inbox, I can set a task so that once it arrives an opportunity or new task will be created in insightly with a due date so I can keep track/follow up with the client.  Insightly is a client relationship management software.  Gmail is just where all my emails funnel into.  Or here's another example - if I were to get an email with an attachment from a stalker, I can set a task that will automatically create a folder within Dropbox to store the attachments.  I named 4 programs I use regularly.  There are so many more, it's ridiculous.  You can even link up Freshbooks so if you get a receipt scanned and emailed to you labeled "financial shit", you can go ahead and have it automatically do something with Freshbooks.  THIS IS INSANE.

Another revolutionary software I've stumbled upon is  Now you can create eBay templates which can be DYNAMICALLY ALTERED at any point in time to something completely different.  Usually you would have to go into the HTML code and re-code the entire thing for you to have a cool listing description.  Now you can change the format around all the time according to the seasons/sales ideas.  The revolutionary thing about widgetchimp is that a) it's never been done before by any other company and 2) it allows for easy A/B testing with your description template (to determine whether buyers will even give a fuck).

But let's get real here - these apps won't help you if you don't already have your shit together.

Things I'm doing differently for the next month:

I admit.  I have a problem.  And that problem is ... the inability to stop creating new companies.  No matter what.  I just.. gotta try it!  Do you LOVE that double negative I just threw at you there? Fuck yes.  I can't ain't stop myself from trying new shit out.  It's probably because of my ADD.

So therefore!!!!! I am starting an import company.  So far it's called "Import Business" until it actually profits.  I started doing the initial research for it and I teamed up with a friend.  Yesterday we did a video chat/share screen conference for four hours just looking at products.  I found some products were selling at $1/pop from china (given that you bulk order like $500 dollars worth of the "pop") while on amazon and in america they are selling for $40+.  DAMN.  Given how there are sites like, you can now easily reach out to manufacturers in China without having to fly there and knock on their doors.  You just use skype.

Just to give you guys a real life example instead of being full of shit here are some screenshots of the "research" I did.

item selling on amazon

item selling on amazon

exact product you can order from China

exact product you can order from China

I also signed up to "Create Awesome Courses Online" (a month ago) and am in the process of creating a course for my software company.  I know - it sounds lame that I haven't done so already but all it did was provide a software.  Now I want to add value to the subscribers by providing a course.

Because of these damn distractions & finding out I needed new glasses (yay for spending mo' $$$$!) + contacts (#$@&*#$@!!!) .... my sales kind've stayed the same for April. Along with cash sales... ~ $16K.  Please see below.

April Auto Dismantling Sales

April Auto Dismantling Sales

separate Credit Card sales

separate Credit Card sales

Sales for the software company actually decreased from $800-ish last month in March 2015:

April 2015:

Software sales for April 2015

Software sales for April 2015

March 2015 sales:

march 2015 sales

march 2015 sales

When I look at my progress and then my friend who started tells me his sales were 750K last year all the meanwhile he maintains a full time job elsewhere... it's like... SMH.

I am still making time to balance my fragile sanity by hanging out with friends & dating the bf.


ate at Dino's Chicken and Burgers after rock climbing

ate at Dino's Chicken and Burgers after rock climbing - fries DRENCHED in sauce. cray.

Ate by myself at Well Being Tofu House

Ate by myself at Well Being Tofu House. Gotta have ME time. Sometimes.

My only gal pal in Hesperia. Valerie!

My only gal pal in Hesperia. Valerie!


I think my favorite dish for the moment has to be Sashimi Salad with Peach Sake. YUUUMMMMMM

MY FAVORITE DISH! Sashimi Salad with Peach Sake. YUUUMMMMMM

Ate at Thai Lotus in Victorville before watching Ex-Machine at the Cinemark 16

Ate at Thai Lotus in Victorville before watching Ex-Machine at the Cinemark 16. This picture was way too flawful but I dun care.

Reed enjoying his curry at Thai Lotus.

Reed enjoying his curry at Thai Lotus.

Yummy seafood stuffs

Yummy seafood stuffs - sorry for the blurriness.

Oh.  And I bought another car. It's a 1999 Range Rover P38.  Gotta keep on keepin' on!

What I really want to do:

Get back to actually doing stuff that will help others/actually matter.

For the next post I'll teach you about how to create an online course using  Do I currently know how to do it?  PSSSHHHHH.... don't insult me [after watching tons of video tutorials... yes... yes I have a vague idea I can put into action].

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March Financial and Life Updates

March Financial and Life Updates

You got that James Dean day dream look in your eye
And I got that red lip classic thing that you like
And when we go crashing down, we come back every time.
Cause we never go out of style
We never go out of style

 Whatup peeps.  I am in love with that Taylor Swift song right now.  I'm going to write my own rendition below:

You got that broad shoulder, confident swagger, blue gleam in your eyes

And I got that long hair, small curve, submissive thing that you like

And when we go crashing down, we come back every time

Cause we never go out of style

We never go out of style

Yeahhhh.  So the highlights below are sales numbers & lessons learned AND a link to the Livestream I will have tonight at 8PM on Youtube and Google+ about simple SEO techniques with wordpress.  You can come hang out with me, or not.

Life is still DAMN HECTIC.  AND I am woozy from Theraflu.  Theraflu at Walgreens is $2.00 more expensive than Theraflu anywhere else.  At least in Hesperia.


Theraflu, why must you cost $15 for 12 packets???

I'm trying to get to 20K/month and I am getting CLOSER!  Why 20K?  Because at that point I can hire a secretary/office manager full time and be happy with it. [I am currently vetting for one!]  I have virtual assistants and a trusty mechanic.  But a full time secretary/office manager is something else.  For the past 30 days these are my sales for my automobile dismantling company.


Just 6K more a month to go!


Nonpaypal/Credit Card only transactions


1) Listing/posting items is the number one priority.  I need to list at LEAST 100 items/week to keep replenishing the inventory.  If I FAIL to do so, sales drop.  Simple as that.

2) Nothing else matters until I get to 20K in sales.

For the software company I want to at least get to 1K/month in sales.  The cool thing about this is that there is NO crazy fees (besides the paypal fee), NO SHIPPING COST, No handling cost... just...... simple delivery of the software.  If it's not for you, hey, full 30 day warranty.  Life is much easier with the software company.

Software company sales

Software company sales


1) I really need to do 3 part video launch sequence.

2) I cannot really focus on this until I master running the automobile dismantling company a bit more.  So chipping at this little by little is the best I can do for now.

Still rock climbing:

Trying to pose like a BAMF.  But really, I need to get stronger and climb better.

Staring down into Lucerne Valley

Staring down into Lucerne Valley



Bought another car:


Tonight I will be on Youtube/Google Hangouts on Air to answer your questions & teach you about SEO:

Youtube link:

Google+ link:

If you missed it, don't worry!  It's recorded and stored on youtube below:


I have a sore throat that won't quit so I'm not going to be all hyper.  The session will be short and sweet to whoever attends.  Other than that I want to ask you guys something - WHERE DOES EVERYONE GET THE ENERGY TO DO EVERYTHING???

I feel so drained.

I was on quora and I read that James Altucher, one of my favorite writers, has 15 streams of income.  I was talking to my warehouse neighbor the other day and he is retired in his thirties, renting out the warehouse in the back just so he can work on his toys - a boat, bikes, and cars.  GAH.  Time to get a move-on, KIM!

Thank you guys for letting me be so damn free and post whatever I want (or am I just doing this all without your permission?) on this little piece of the internet.  It really motivates me to keep on improving and it's nice to look back to see my progress.

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If you prefer to watch it on YOUTUBE, left click HERE.

If you prefer GOOGLE+, left click HERE.

Livestream video below if you want to watch it on this blog platform:

Agenda: I will give you 30-45 minutes to ask me your burning questions about wordpress AND I will show you how to hire a virtual assistant (with Odesk or Elance).

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And at the webinar I will be giving away a FREE installation or FREE 30 minute session with me (installing a plugin, questions about widgets, etc.).  You do not have to be local, I can remotely help you through Teamviewer.

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How To Start A WordPress Blog: Step By Step Video Series

How To Start A WordPress Blog: Step By Step Video Series

Finally it is here!!!  I woke up at 4AM to do this in time for the 2:30PM meetup today.  Yes. That's right.  Where else am I going to find the time?  ALSO!  If you scroll down there is a surprise.




Video #1 preview below: I kind of do another introduction so please don't be annoyed.   The resolution is so poor in the preview, I suggest you click on the link below the preview to view the video in high resolution.

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

For high resolution [which is actually what matters], please click on the links below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

2015 Survey of Top Hosting Companies for your convenience:

Top Web Hosting Companies

Top Web Hosting Companies


If you are going to buy from bluehost click here on the picture: 

Click here for Namecheap.

In the name of full disclosure, the above links are Affiliate links.

WHAT IS AN AFFILIATE LINK? Basically, if you are going to purchase hosting anyway from whoever, an affiliate link is like a, "Why thank you Kim, because of you I learned something and was going to purchase this anyway, I'm glad to buy it with your affiliate link - it lets Bluehost know that thanks to you I am buying their stuff - they will give you a small tiny cut of what they earn (instead of keeping everything for themselves) to say THANKS."

It is a "thank you" all around.

Coming Up Next:


TIME: 8:00 PM (YES, a time when you're supposed to be on a date!)
WHERE?: HERE! AND ON GOOGLE! Go to this site at 8PM tomorrow. You will see the link 10 minutes before 8PM!

WHAT will I be doing?: The splits. JK! No, I will give you 30-45 minutes to ask me your burning questions about wordpress AND I will show you how to hire a virtual assistant (with Odesk or Elance).

Follow me!:
Twitter: @kimpossibledang
Instagram: @kimpossibledang

And at the webinar I will be giving away a FREE installation or FREE 30 minute session with me (installing a plugin, questions about widgets, etc.).  You do not have to be local, I can remotely help you through Teamviewer.

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February Progress Update

February Progress Update

Howdy folks!  So I have to kick myself for saying I'll update every Wednesdays.  THIS time I mean it, I'm going to keep it up.

I just want to pop in and give you guys a quick update on the two projects I have going on thus far + life stuff [do you even care?].  So seriously, if you don't care.. you can skip this whole post. =)  No hard feelings.

Automobile Dismantling company - sales are steadily climbing.  It's not where I really want to be since I just cruised it for the first half of the month (I focused on dismantling the 7 engines we already have versus buying another car).


So far for February 2015.


Separate credit card sales.

This is what happens when you cruise.. you think you will push sales to $15-$20K and you might be lucky if it breaks $13K this month.  There are still FOUR days left!

So in the spirit of NOT cruising/coasting along.. I went and bought another car because it's ABOUT TIME to keep on gettin' it:

Range Rover

My 22nd car is a 2003 Range Rover. Vroom vroom.

I'm also working on a software company.  Software company sales comparison of all of last year to the almost three months in of this year:


Last Year's Sales when we launched in August 2014. Total sales for last year.

This is this year's sales.  My projection is.. at this rate... our sales will be maybe $4-$5K IF there is no progress whatsoever.  But I am going to try and create a community with the software company.  Wish me luck. & Provide input if you can!


Total sales from January 2015 to now (February 26 2015)

Still made time for rock climbing:


Climbed at Fairview Mountain in Apple Valley with old friends and new friends!


Still pushing myself to lead 'em routes!

Still made time for Valentine fun in Vegas.

Climbed at Red Rocks

Climbed at Red Rocks


Saw the O Show at the Bellagio. Awesome show.  $197 buckeroos/ticket.  It wasn't cheap, folks.

Oh!  And I'm starting to eat healthy again.  SMOOTHIES EVERY MORNING with a touch of virgin coconut oil. Yum.

Where I'm going next:

This meetup event.  It is for High Desert Entrepreneurs.  This is where I'll be on Saturday 2/28/15.

High Desert Entrepreneurs

Hesperia, CA
17 Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in the Victor Valley area of the High Desert, this group is for you. Let's meet up the last Saturday of the month. It's an opportunity to network and to offer su...

Next Meetup

Come-and-go meet and greet

Saturday, Feb 28, 2015, 10:30 AM
15 Attending

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In MARCH 14th, 2015 I will be teaching a group of writers how to set up their wordpress websites.  I'll begin filming the tutorial videos for that class this upcoming week.  I'll update this post to have the link for that event soon. << I AM DAMN EXCITED ABOUT THIS EVENT BECAUSE IT IS ONE STEP CLOSER TO WHAT I REALLY WANT TO DO ... HELP PEOPLE DO SOMETHING WITH WEBSITES! (AND EVENTUALLY EARN THEM $$.. OR SOMETHING ELSE... RECOGNITION? SELF LOVE? ENLIGHTENMENT?)

Giving inspiration is going to feel great.  It's one step closer to feeling less selfish about this life.

What I should be doing next:

1) Creating a good email response system of the 700+ emails for the automobile dismantling company & the 70+ subscribers for the software company (including a 3 part launch).

2) Focus focus focus.

I'm so not focused.  I get easily distracted and I'm easily influenced by my environment.  It's a trait I'm not proud to have but I am what I am and it is what it is. OH WELL!  The main thing is I don't quit.  Most importantly I'm not quitting on not being so distracted so in the end I'm constantly trying to re-focus myself and it works (sometimes).

I really don't know how people who have a billion things going on .. do it all.  They say the average millionaire has seven streams of income.  I have... less than four.  Hence, the non-millionaire status.  They must have a personal assistant at their beck and call because frankly... trying to run 2 businesses + have other nagging businesses snipping at my feet because I've started them & have yet to do anything with them, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a relationship, blah blah blah.. whine whine whine... HOW DO YOU DO IT?

It's amazing everything hasn't gone to shit.

This has been an extremely selfish post.  The next post you'll get is a video series (maybe part 1) of how to go from NOTHING to a wordpress website.

Until next time.



Goals for 2015 – Number 1: To remove myself completely.

Goals for 2015 - Number 1: To remove myself completely.

You got me sippin' on something
I can't compare to nothing
I've ever known, I'm hoping
That after this fever I'll survive
I know I'm acting a bit crazy
Strung out, a little bit hazy
Hand over heart, I'm praying
That I'm gonna make it out alive.


I love the melody of that song.  Not so much the melancholic meaning of it all.

A lot has happened since about a month ago.  I haven’t posted anything for January and before the month is over I told myself I’d get something up at least.

I feel like I am eliminating most distractions out of my life and just mainly focusing on two things at the moment.  That is namely rebranding my old site to AUTOPARTS LAB.  I started the social media accounts for AUTO PARTS LAB and I’m positioning myself to switch my entire eBay store over to the new name.  I was wondering why for the longest time I’ve been putting off marketing my old site in any manner and that’s because I’m a stickler with names.

AUTO PARTS LAB will be hip and funny and interesting once it is launched.  I already had my developers set up the site, a few virtual assistants are working on the social media accounts, and things are moving along.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about it’s a company I started a little over a year and a half ago.  It went from garnering less than 1K in sales a month to now 10-11K steadily at minimal commitment.  This is with no social marketing.




Separate from above, Credit Card sales.

I’m going at this full force so I’m hoping to push sales to 20K/month within the next four months [this might be a bit of a reach].  My competitors might be laughing at me on how slow I'm growing this company... but I go at my own random pace.

Super Fast Listings  was a company I co-founded with Ron and we recently garnered another subscriber to that business.  Making a total of 8 paying subscribers if no one cancels.  It is a software/excel sheet available for download.






We launched I believe July of 2014.  This was 2014 sales.

I am also by default still improving my rock climbing abilities and taking it 1 week at a time.


Lead my first 10B

It's still fun to try and top rope 11's

It's still fun to try and top rope 11's

And end up swinging out

And end up swinging out

I'm going to tackle trying to make money online and so far I have two areas that are semi-working for me.  Am I making real money?  No, I'm not.  Every cent I earn goes back into the companies.  So that's why this is not enough until at least another 6-8 months of effort channeled into pulling away from the business.

I recently spoke to the CEO of a competitor and after 5 years of work he is starting over from scratch again - he can afford his expensive toys of course (by now) but he fired everyone and had to start from scratch - still chugging away at the daily grind.

I don't want to be in that same position.  Many have reached freedom one way or the other.  Many do not want freedom because they are happy with what they have.  Many chose a limited freedom.  I want to walk towards a  type of freedom that is generous on my wallet and easy on the soul.  In documenting my efforts maybe it'll help someone realize their own desires to be free as well.  Chris Ducker's work is going to help.

I wish I quit school while in college and started companies a long time ago.  The reason I did not is because of my parents' completely traditional almost crippling attitude of choosing the safe route - "BE A DOCTOR! BE A PHARMACIST!" or just chalk yourself up to being a complete failure.  The other reason is I was a too afraid to go out on my own and just do it.

I am comfortable not becoming a doctor or pharmacist because while I was studying for those classes and taking those tests ... none of it made me happy.  I imagined my future and just dreaded all of it.  This made me change my mind a dozen times throughout college and take classes that were a waste of my time.  It was not my calling but I kept going at it hoping that someday a light bulb will go off in my head and a warm glow starts resonating in my heart for being what my parents wanted me to be.

Well SCREW all of that.


I have my own private online journals as well as my physical journals which I use to document my failures or successes (or emotional outbursts/breakdowns).  The reason why this is public and I'm not afraid to put myself out there is because ALTHOUGH I am not yet truly successful, I have talked to many friends who have tried again and again to make some type of living outside of their 9 to 5 job without a pint of success.

Can I help you now?  To a very small capacity in that maybe I can show my direct friends what is possible.  In 6-8 months I'm hoping to be able to actually help because by then I'll have everything set up more correctly [assuming best case scenario].

Goals for 2015:

1) Put in all the steps enough to truly remove myself from my main business.

2) Help others get started (If they want to).

3) Start a podcast

4) Write an ebook.

It is quite boring and almost depressing to merely survive as I go about building this business and other businesses.  It was so depressing at some points that I even hired a therapist to help me with my personal as well as professional life.  I even went and hired a personal trainer to help me cope with how my body was taking everything (different city, different weather, forever-alone feeling).  I want to feel grateful and surrounded even in the solitude of a job where I am 99% on my own.  Maybe one way to get there is to help others realize... yes.. you can do this too.  Yes, my motive is very selfish.  I am tired of feeling alone.  I always tell others, "It's not rocket science! You can do it too. Easy," but I don't provide any tools for them to start and realistically I just don't have to energy to devote in order to truly bring them massive success.

I'll only share what works for me.  There is plenty of free information about creating money somehow online, many of them might be scams or gimmicks and none of those will apply.

THE POINT IS (If you think everything was TL;DR):

1) I don't know how to make MASSIVE amounts online because I have implemented only 10% of what I know so far and I've yet to execute on the 90% that is advised of me to do.  But I've started and I've earned TINY small successes which are real.  None of it was earned by tricking anyone or by being gimmicky.

2) I want to stop feeling alone.  So I'm going to share pretty much everything to see if it helps anyone and EVENTUALLY when I am more on my feet - I will be able to genuinely help without feeling guilty of the half-assed nature of it all.  And by helping maybe I'll feel a lot less alone.

3) To never. stop. moving.  To continuously strive to be more healthy physically, mentally and spiritually (I bought this device to help me meditate).

I will choose to stick to an update schedule.  

I will update EVERY week on WEDNESDAYS.


I guess that's all.  If you like to join this journey with me and have posts delivered to your email... sign up below:

The Momentum

The Momentum

The momentum matters.  And not caring to fail matters.  At least that's what I've learned. Crawling out of my auto dismantling hole for a bit to check on other things I've started months ago I noticed.. oh sh*t!  There is genuine TRAFFIC to the other sites!  Time to improve on them some more...

I chip away at each thing whenever I can for however long I can.  Sometimes there is no chipping away at all.  But it's better to throw it out there then to have it be absolutely nothing...residing in my head.

What failed for me:

I hired a bunch of people to post on social media accounts - this is a MISTAKE.  Hiring random people to post for you really hurts your reputation and decrease the number of users to subscribe.  Our subscription numbers went down dramatically because ... well, people are smart.  They can tell if something feels scammy.  Our product is not a scam at ALL but seeing grammatically incorrect posts coming from India did not help our reputation. DO NOT DO IT!

Sourcing out EVERYTHING was a bad idea.  Sometimes you just have to do the work yourself because at the level of a founder you see 1000 details that needs to be attended to and at the next level of a hired out manager, they only see 100 details at most.  Kind've like how James Altucher were his first 200 users for one of his websites.  A website that later grew to thousands of users.  Do not be afraid to be your first 200... something (users, reviews, posts, etc.)

Not focusing on ONE thing DOES NOT WORK! (Like the double negative?)  I focused on too many different projects and end up abandoning all for 1. Once I believe I provided adequate care for 1 I can poke my head up to look around to see if the rest are still standing.

What I'm going to try:

Actually try more tactics/techniques - put in the time for these techniques now, they will pay off later!

Publish an eBook, any eBook about stuff I want to talk about. Who cares if no one buys it.  I'm going to do it.

If I have an idea - I'm still going to set something up.  I'm still going to erect something and put an effort into growing it whenever I can.  HOWEVER ... this time... I'm going to do background research on how to approach it the right way & I'm going to focus on the details a bit more before implementing techniques.  Everything will still launch, no matter how messy.  Techniques will be tried with a more careful eye.

Traffic numbers for the random websites started because failing doesn't matter:

Went down from $2K. OH WELLS!

Went down from $2K. OH WELLS!

Went up from $0. Yay!

Went up from $0. Yay!

Went up from $0. Yay!

Went up from $0. Yay!

3) Coming up next -


(dot) com. Yup.

WELPS.  That's all folks.  A very short post but at least I made one. The message here is: JUST DO IT.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!